CCLabs is a biotech startup working at the intersection of AI and neuroscience

Just launched

CC Labs launched October 2018. Our inaugural research project, ExIT-OOS is being demonstrated at the NeurIPS conference in Montreal in December 2018.

NCEP: Coming soon

A neuroscience wet-lab as a service

Our Neural Computing Experimentation Platform (NCEP) is coming soon. Your experiments, our neurons. You design and run remote ML experiments using our live neuronal cultures, grown and maintained in our start-of-the-art facilities.

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Be at the cutting edge of neuroscience and ML

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Fully accessible lab-as-service

open science

Open science ethos: no platform lock-in

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Scale up experiments, increase reproducibility

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Agile science: save on equipment & man-power

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Full audit trail on experiment data

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Wide support for programming languages

Open standard for data format and APIs

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Our research

Expert Iteration Online Outcome Sampling

The algorithm learns to play imperfect information games, such as Poker, against a human opponent.

We use the Expert Iteration (ExIt) framework for our work. The Online Outcome Sampling (OOS) algorithm is used as the “expert” and a deep neural network as the “student”.

The deep neural network opponents are trained with cutting edge reinforcement learning algorithms to play near a Nash equilibrium.

Read the full paper

Poker gameplay animation
Example gameplay showing ExIT-OOS playing a human opponent

Leadership team

We bring together neuroscientists and AI researchers in a proven engineering team.

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Hon Weng Chong
CEO & Founder
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Andy Kitchen
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Linda Lau

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